Highlands of Jalisco Tequila Distillery Tour

Arandas is a city located in the highlands of the Mexican state of Jalisco, known for its tequila production. Touring the city’s tequila distilleries is a popular activity for visitors to the area who want to learn about the traditional methods of tequila production and sample some of the best tequilas in Mexico.

The tour typically begins with a visit to one of the local agave fields, where visitors can see the blue agave plants that are used to make tequila. The tour then continues to one or more of the tequila distilleries in the area, where visitors can see the various stages of tequila production.

ItineraryActivities in the Highlands of Jalisco Tequila Distillery Tour
9:00 amDeparture from GuadalajaraYour local expert Panoramex will pick you up from your designated location in Guadalajara in a comfortable van equipped with air conditioning.
10:30 amArrival at ArandasAfter a scenic drive through the highlands of Jalisco, you’ll arrive in Arandas, a picturesque town known for its tequila production.
10:45 amDistillery TourVisit a traditional tequila distillery where you’ll learn about the production process from agave plant to tequila. Your expert guide will provide insights into the craftsmanship and history behind Mexico’s iconic drink.
12:30 amLunch BreakEnjoy a delicious lunch at a local restaurant, where you can savor authentic Mexican cuisine paired with refreshing beverages, including tequila cocktails or aguas frescas.
2:00 amDistillery Tour 2Explore another renowned tequila distillery, experiencing firsthand the different techniques and methods used in tequila production. From fermentation to aging, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the artistry behind each bottle.
3:30 amTasting SessionIndulge in a guided tasting session, sampling a variety of tequilas ranging from blanco to añejo. Your expert guide will help you discern the unique flavors and characteristics of each expression, enhancing your appreciation for Mexico’s national spirit.
4:30 amExploration and ShoppingTake some free time to explore the charming streets of Arandas, browse local artisan shops, or purchase souvenirs to commemorate your tequila tour experience.
5:30 amReturn Journey to GuadalajaraBid farewell to Arandas as you embark on the return journey to Guadalajara. Relax in the comfort of the van, reflecting on the highlights of your personalized tequila adventure.
6:00 amArrival in GuadalajaraYour tour concludes as you arrive back in Guadalajara, where your local expert Panoramex will drop you off at your desired location, marking the end of an unforgettable day exploring the tequila distilleries of the Jalisco highlands.

At the distillery, visitors can observe the cooking, fermenting, and distilling processes, which involve heating the agave plants in ovens, crushing them to extract the juice, and then fermenting and distilling the juice to create tequila. Visitors can also learn about the different types of tequila, such as blanco, reposado, and añejo, which are aged for different lengths of time in oak barrels.

In addition to the tequila-making process, the tour often includes a tasting of several different tequilas, as well as a visit to the distillery’s gift shop, where visitors can purchase bottles of tequila to take home as souvenirs.

Overall, a tour of Arandas’ tequila distilleries offers visitors a unique opportunity to learn about and experience one of Mexico’s most famous and beloved drinks, while also exploring the rich cultural history of the region.

Experience the essence of Mexico’s tequila culture with Panoramex, your trusted guide for an immersive and personalized tour of Arandas. Cheers to unforgettable memories and newfound appreciation for the spirit of Jalisco!

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