Natural Waterfall tour near Guadalajara

Canyoning day tour to a nearby natural waterfall from Guadalajara every weekend

Come have fun, exercise and have a good time on an expedition full of adrenaline and extreme emotions. Canyoning tours allow you to do a wide variety of activities such as hiking, rappelling, climbing, running, jumping and swimming, which is why they are ideal experiences to disconnect from everything and enjoy a day surrounded by nature, release stress and tension and spend a day of adventure

To reach our destination, we have to do a different walk and surrounded by incredible landscapes, because we will do it through natural trails enjoying the environment to the fullest.

Once we reach our destination, which could be a canyon or a waterfall depending on the date of the year, we will continue descending and defying obstacles such as stones or logs that we will find in our path.

Natural Waterfall tour near Guadalajara

Once we reach the canyon, we will continue descending down the river and defying the obstacles such as stones or logs that we will find in our path, we will do a rappel descent.
Our experts in the area will be with you at all times and will help you carry out all the activities, as well as provide you with all the necessary equipment to make the descent.
Once the canyoning adventure is over, we will offer you a delicious country meal included in your package, so that you can recharge your batteries.


For this tour: wear suitable clothing for the descent, since you will get wet, they can be lycra, bathing suit or synthetic clothing that dries quickly; Sports shoes, bring a complete change of clothes for when we finish the experience, sweatshirt or windbreaker jacket for the return. Optional you can bring bicycle or gym gloves, long-sleeved synthetic shirt, lycra, socks or long pants, and waterproof camera.